Saskatchewan’s Reptile Rescue

We are Saskatchewan’s only licensed and approved exotic reptile rescue. We work with authorities and individuals across the province to re-home and relocate exotic wildlife to new caring owners both inside Saskatchewan and across the country.

We have worked with conservation officers and police departments in cases where animals are found or seized because they are not allowed to be in the province of Saskatchewan. Through our network of contacts we are able to relocate these animals to a jurisdiction in which they are allowed so that they don’t need to be euthanized.

We also work with individual owners to re-home animals that they are not able to care for. Surrenders are confidential, and we will never share information about past owners. If you have captive reptiles of any kind please never consider releasing them into the wild. We have a wide network of volunteers that will travel anywhere in Saskatchewan to help transport the animal to us. For more information on surrenders please check out our dedicated surrenders page.

Surrendered animals are given any medical care required and checked by dedicated reptile veterinarians. Sometimes an animal will have specialized care requirements or accommodations that will keep them with us for the rest of their lives. These animals usually won’t be adopted out, except in rare situations. Some of our rescue animals also become the stars of our shows and help teach kids and adults alike about the importance of doing the proper research before getting an exotic pet.

Once an animal has proven to be healthy, they will be added to our list of adoptable animals. We do the best job we are able to make sure these animals go to the best forever homes. Our application to adopt one of our animals can be found on this site, with full details on the process.

We also accept donations to help us support the process and expenses incurred to care for all these animals. Good condition used equipment is appreciated, as well as cash donations. These donations go towards paying for medical costs of our rescue animals. You will frequently find us at pet expos or other community events with some of our adoptable animals, where we will be only too happy to tell you their story.